Resort regulations

Ladies and Gentlemen, we hope that with the help of the following regulations, we  will provide you with complete satisfaction and comfort for your rest. 


The condition for a full reservation is to pay a deposit of 30% of the cost of the stay by  the date specified in the booking confirmation. 

We charge the rest of the payment for the booked stay on arrival.  The price for the stay is non-refundable in the event of shortening the stay.


Making a reservation is tantamount to reading and accepting the regulations of the  resort. 


The accommodation day starts at 15.00 on the day of arrival and ends at 10.00 on the  day of departure. Early check-in is not possible. 

Failure to return the house by 10.00 will result in an additional fee of PLN 100 for  each started hour. 


For the comfort of the vacationers, the curfew is valid from 21.00 to 7.00. 


On the day of arrival, a returnable deposit in the amount of PLN 300 is collected for  security in the event of damage to the equipment of the houses. The owners should be notified immediately of any damage or breakdowns. 


The landlord is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of objects and  technical devices caused by the fault of the landlords and visitors. Parents or guardians are responsible for damages caused by children. 


It is forbidden to use open fire, smoking, candles, using your own devices such as an  electric grill, heater, heater and frying fish in houses. 

Breaking this prohibition will result in an additional payment of PLN 500. 


We are not responsible for valuables left in the houses and parked cars. 


Cars should be parked only in places designated for this purpose. Parking for our  guests is free. 

There are one free parking space per cottage. 

A parking space for each subsequent car is payable PLN 10 per day. The number of parking spaces is limited, therefore the possibility of parking another  car should be agreed upon when booking. 


An additional fee of PLN 50 per night is charged for the stay of additional people  (the possibility of accommodating additional people should be agreed with the  owner of the holiday resort before arrival).


The house is handed over and returned in the presence of the owner of the resort. 


Children at the resort should be uder the supervision of adults (parents or  guardians).


No outsiders may stay on the premises of the holiday resort from 21:00 to 8:00 am. At other times, only with the consent of the owner of the resort. 

A fee of PLN 300 / day will be charged for an overnight stay of an undeclared person. 


The animals are not allowed in our holiday resort.


The guests of our holiday resort are required to comply with the provisions of these  regulations, health and safety and fire regulations, and to comply with the requests  of the owners / managers in exceptional circumstances.


Any complaints should be reported directly to the owner/ manager. Complaints made on departure or after may not be considered. 


We can refuse accommodation to persons: 

  • being under the visible influence of alcohol or intoxicants,
  • that behave aggressively, in a manner commonly considered vulgar, • with symptoms of the COVID-19.

In the above-mentioned cases, the costs are not reimbursed. 


People who do not follow the rules of the holiday resort will be required to leave  the resort without reimbursement. 


In the event of losing the house key, gate remote control or access key fob, the guest is obliged to  pay a fee of PLN 100.00 for each lost item. 


We do not refund the money or the deposit paid in the event of failure to meet the  specified date of stay or resignation. 


Please take the rubbish out of the houses to the containers in the resort. Waste segregation rules should be followed. 


It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the houses. 


It is forbidden to organize birthdays, hen parties, stag parties, etc. 


The resort with the swimming pool is a monitored facility, which aims to improve the  safety of people on its premises. 

Users agree not only to monitor their own stay in the facility, but also to use the film  materials collected in this way in disputes, including compliance with the Regulations,  etc. 

These data are processed and recorded by the system for a period of 14 days and  then anonymized. 


The resort is not responsible for the loss, destruction or damage by third parties of  items brought into the facility by Users. 


Accidents and damages should be immediately reported to the owner/manager of  the resort. In the event of failure to do so, guests lose the right to claim damages. 


The holiday resort is not responsible for events, damages and their consequences  occurring as a result of non-compliance by the guests of the resort with the rules set  out in the Regulations. 


In disputes, the Regulations of Kolorowe Domki shall apply. 


The regulations of the center are published on the website and posted on the information board in the area of  the resort. 

Additional fees: 

The rental price does not include the tourist tax collected on the day of arrival (fee  according to the Resolution of the Postomino Commune Council). On the day of arrival, a returnable deposit in the amount of PLN 300 is collected in  the event of damage. 

On the day of departure, the fee for the consumed electricity is collected (according  to the meter readings). 

Before departure, a cleaning fee of PLN 150 may be charged. 

We make every effort to ensure that your stay in our center is successful, but if you  have any comments, please forward them to our staff or by e-mail

Important phones 

EMERGENCY: 999 or 112 

FIRE BRIGADE: 998 or 112 

POLICE: 997 or 112 

RECEPTION O.W. Kolorowe Domki: +48 667 975 979 


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