The playground is intended for children from 3 to 12 years old. 

Children under 12 must be supervised by adults. 

Cycling and football are not allowed in the square. 

Littering is not allowed in the playground. 

Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden in the playground and its vicinity.

Parents or guardians are responsible for damages caused by children. 



The pitch is designated for sports. 

It is forbidden to climb the nets. 

The pitch is the only place at the resort where the ball games are allowed. Parents or guardians are responsible for damages caused by children.  



Before entering the swimming pool, read the Regulations and instructions for use. 


  1. The Regulations apply to all Users and it is to maintain safety, order and cleanliness. It is assumed that upon entry, each User accepts the provisions of the Regulations and all other Regulations related to ensuring security on the resort. 2. The swimming pool is available during the holiday season from 12.00 – 20.00,  depending on the weather conditions. 
  2. There is no lifeguard in the swimming pool.
  3. Access to the pool area is possible only for guests of the resort on the basis of the access key fobs received during the stay.
  4. Clean pool shoes must be used in the swimming pool.
  5. Before using the pool, you should wash your feet in the designated place. 7. Each User is obliged to immediately inform the employees of the resort about the occurrence of any situations posing a real threat to the Users.
  6. Users are responsible for any damage resulting from improper use of the facility and devices located on its premises or resulting from inappropriate behavior while using the devices in the pool. Parents and legal guardians are fully responsible for  their children and any damage caused by them. 
  7. All Users of the swimming pool complex are obliged to strictly comply with the orders of the resort employees and strictly follow the instructions on the warning boards. 
  8. An employee of the Resort is entitled to refuse to use the swimming pool to Users who act contrary to the provisions of the Regulations. Failure to comply with the above conditions may be read as an attempt to disturb the peace, and thus  entitle the employees of the Resort to call the Police and / or security. 11. An employee of the Resort may fully or partially limit the possibility of using the  pool in the event of an emergency, e.g. in the event of exceeding the limit of the  permissible number of users, in case of urgent need or unforeseen situation, in  particular for the health and safety of Users. 
  9. Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally pollutes the pool will be charged for changing the water in the pool. In the case of children, the child’s guardian is responsible. 
  10. Children up to 3 years may use the pool only in special diaper-pants. 14. People under 18 years may use the swimming pool only under adult supervision.
  11. It is forbidden to:


bring in sharp and dangerous elements, in particular in glass packages, use of breakable glass containers, 

consume food and drinks brought with them in glass containers, bringing in and consuming alcoholic beverages, 

spitting and other contamination of the pool and water, 

reserving sunbeds, 

movement games and ball games outside of designated places, 

damage, destruction and soiling of equipment and markings that have a direct  impact on safety, 

running, jumping into the water and pushing other Users into the water, as well as  any other behavior threatening safety, 

raising false alarms, 

disturbing or preventing other Users from the normal use of the pool, leaving young children unattended. 

  1. People who are in poor health as well as pregnant women should use the swimming pool and its devices with special care. The resort is not responsible for the consequences of using the pool by these people. 
  2. The swimming pool cannot be used by people who:

are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, 

are in poor health, which may be a threat to them or others,  

suffer from problems with the upper respiratory tract or have difficulty breathing, have unhealed wounds or skin diseases, e.g. mycosis, lichen, 

suffer from epilepsy or infectious diseases, 

are allergic to disinfectants, 

suffer from diseases related to cardiovascular insufficiency, 

have ailments of the excretion system. 

  1. The employees of the Center decide about the possibility of using balls, all kinds of swimming aids, fins, tubes, goggles, etc. in the pool, taking into account the number of Users. 
  2. In disputes, the Regulations of Kolorowe Domki shall apply.


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